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The Four Thieves in Clapham

Written by Sophie Evans on Wednesday, 6th April 2016 - Going Out

Can you name something better than a few drinks in the pub with some friends? I can. The Four Thieves. It’s a few drinks in the pub with your friends immersed in a games room full of retro gaming. There’s pinball machines, ping pong tables, video games on a big screen, even giant scalextrics - competition at it’s finest. Think your good at ping pong? So did I but the beverages definitely got the better of me and I spent so much of my time going to pick up the ball and couldn't work out why I wasn't as good as usual. Ironically though, the more you drink... the better you think you are. 

Priding itself on being one of the most unique spaces in London, The Four Thieves is less than a five minute walk from Clapham Junction on Lavender Gardens. Go check it out next time you fancy going somewhere new - you won’t be disappointed.

Too mature to play video games? Check out The Gin Yard instead. It’s undercover all winter so whatever the weather you can drink outside and be nice and cosy.

Every Wednesday night the Four Thieves has a different comedian in, if it's not what you fancy then head upstairs and have a game of ping-pong. Top-tip: choose an opponent who has had more to drink and then you should guarantee a win!

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