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Dip and Flip

Written by Sophie Evans on Tuesday, 24th May 2016 - Eating out

I heard great things about Dip and Flip a while back when a group of my friends stumbled upon it. One went as far to claim "it was the best burger I've ever eaten" and straight away I knew I had to check it out. It was somewhere I had driven and walked past so many times but never thought to go into - I am a big advocate of 'stick to what you know' but it's something that recently I learned (one delicious meal at a time) isn't always the best motto.

Anyway I decided to go and check it out. And my only regret is that I didn't go sooner - as I could've gone twice or maybe thrice by now. First thing that caught my eye on the menu before I even looked at the food options - milkshakes. My weakness. I ordered a large chocolate cherry milkshake - against advice. Apparently I wouldn't be able to drink that and also have my burger and fries. Challenge accepted. 

I ordered the "Dip and Flip" - a cheeseburger, topped with either tender lamb or beef dipped in gravy. Mmmmm. Served on the side of this was more gravy to dip the burger into. The wettest, messiest but most mouth-watering dish. I learned early on that was ridiculously messy - thank god for the kitchen roll on the table. The food was so good, I ordered a side of fries with cheese and bacon. And yes - I succeeded, it was a struggle but I ate it all and finished the milkshake.

Dip and Flip is next to Adventure Bar on Battersea Rise. There is also one in Tooting and one in Wimbledon. Note - do not go there on a first date, it is far too messy to be fabulous.





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