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Flesh and Buns

Written by Sophie Evans on Monday, 18th July 2016 - Food

As you probably know by now, I'm a big foodie. I think since I've been here at Capital Living, only one one of my blogs hasn't been food or drink related (but there was definitely the odd mention of ice cream in that one). So I will continue in my usual manner and tell you about a great little restaurant I recently discovered. Well... technically my friend did but after seeing some of the food on her snapchat story I had to request that we went there together! I am one of these people who gets massive food envy so as soon as I see someone with something that looks amazing, I want the same.

The restaurant is called Flesh and Bun and is in Covent Garden. The good thing about it is that I don't think that it is very well known. We all know that Covent Garden is always absolutely heaving so it was nice to get away from the usual busy-ness and get a table straight away.  

Being the indecisive person that I am, we had the tasting menu which was £35 per person including a glass of prosecco. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who is quite indecisive like me, as you get a bit of everything. We had sushi with some nibbles and guac, sticky chicken, squid and then best of all, out came our buns- so moist and fluffy. We had the most tender pork and duck to choose from and loaded up the buns. After we were finished, dessert was S'mores. They bought out a little flame and we got to toast our marshmallows and biscuits over it. I was with the girls but it would be a very cute date if you need any ideas for where to go on your next one!

Yum Bun have a stall at both Dinerama and Hawkerhouse. Check out mine and Adam's previous blogs on both of these Street Feast places as they're so great to go and chill out with friends on a summers evening.

Even now just writing this is making me hungry and I've only just had breakfast.

Check out the website and menu here

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