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Queen's in Camberwell

Written by Holly Clemett on Monday, 12th December 2016 - Food

If there's one thing that I love about London, it's the hundreds of "hidden gems" that lie within it. Admittedly, the convenience of eating out at a chain restaurant where you know exactly what you're getting (without having to even look at the menu) is great for lazy weekends, but there's something exciting about eating out at a place you perhaps haven't heard of before or have stumbled upon by accident. 

I came across "Queen's" restaurant in Camberwell and, after noticing it looked fairly busy, decided to take a look at the menu. The food is inspired by the seasons, charcoal cooked and relatively healthy - spontaneous evenings spent out of the house are always going to be great regardless of what you do, but it really was the food alone that made Queen's that made this evening special. The food is also foraged and sourced locally, something I found particularly interesting - it's always nice to know where your food is sourced from!

Between two of us, we ordered three small plates, one medium plate and eventually we were tempted into a sweet plate (best decision ever!) for dessert. All the dishes were served with an array of colorful vegetables, nuts and fruits. The small plates we went for included a butternut squash dish, a pigeon dish and a sea bream dish - all of which had an incredible balance and both sweet and savory flavors. Our medium dish was the bavette with charred purple carrots, anise and horseradish. If I had to describe it in one word? Perfect. The bavette was cooked absolutely beautifully. 

We ended our meal with the Blackberry Fool, served with shortbread crumble and set custard - my only regret is that we ordered it to share. The Blackberry Fool is berry flavored homemade ice cream with fresh berries, a sprig of mint, warm crumbled shortbread and some delicately placed sploges of set custard - if a chocoholic like me can love a fruity dessert, that's when you know it's good. This is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth!

In a city full of so many generic chain restaurants, it's easy to forget how delicious seasonal based, vegetable heavy meals can be - if you fancy trying something a little different (for a cost that won't break the bank) with cooked to perfection food in a great atmosphere, head to Queen's!

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