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All you need in life is steak... and then more steak

Written by Sophie Evans on Wednesday, 4th January 2017 - Food

I'd been meaning to check out the Flat Iron for quite a while after I'd seen quite a few mouth-watering pictures lingering on social media but had just never got round to it as I heard that it was always super busy. Anyway, recently when I was in Covent Garden I spotted that one had opened there and accepted that I had to finally go. And boy, did it not disappoint at all. 

It has one of those menus which literally could not simpler. Flat iron steak or a special. Easy peasy. Flat iron steak please. It's super tender as it comes from the shoulder of the cow - who knew? Not me. Then you select a couple of sides to share with your friends, we went for the creamy spinach which was amazing, a blue cheese salad - ironically named 'Sophie's Salad' (would've been rude not to try it really) and some fries. The flat iron steak was only a tenner as well which I thought was great value - some restaurants really over charge for it. 

There was a small queue when we arrived which went really fast, you can't book but you there's a bar you can grab a drink at beforehand. All of the staff are absolutely lovely and welcoming which is always a good sign. There are so many lovely touches, we got popcorn on arrival and they gave all of their customers free ice-cream to take away. Salted caramel with chocolate flakes mmmm.... 

Definitely one I'd recommend for a good steak, nice experience and even better value!


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