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Kricket in Soho

Written by Holly Clemett on Tuesday, 14th March 2017 - Food

I just love it when you stumble across a great restaurant unexpectedly and know it will be a firm “go-to” favourite for the future. Kricket in Soho was just that. After hearing some rave reviews about a new Indian style restaurant opening in Soho I decided I definitely wanted to try it out.

The restaurant opened not so long ago, probably pre-Christmas, and is their first permanent location following a pop-up they had in Brixton. I’m a massive fan of street-food and food markets so I had a feeling Kricket would be right up my street! I wouldn’t normally head to central London on a Friday evening as it’s super busy, but for great food I’m always happy to make an exception.

The restaurant itself is beautifully designed, lots of warm pastels, bronzes and coppers - any interior fanatic would fall in love! I never favour style over substance but the look of this restaurant had already gotten my excited for the food - it looked amazing and the smells of Indian aromas and spices were incredible.

We headed downstairs and sat at the bar, ordered a couple of drinks and made the hard choice of what to order from the menu. The menu is kind of tapas-eque, filled with lots of delicious small plates that are especially difficult to choose between. We made the mistake of going when we were extremely hungry and so ordered a lot, but we powered through! When you’re eating food this good, you can’t possibly leave any behind!

My top recommendations would be the Keralan fried chicken, the duck leg kathi roll and the samphire pakoras - all so delicious, an absolute burst of incredible flavours. The barmen are also happy to recommend some great cocktails or wines to go with the food, the staff in general are great which makes a restaurant experience that extra bit special.

The next time you decide to venture into Central London, you definitely need to check this place out!


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