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Eat great Greek food without getting on a plane to Greece

Written by Sophie Evans on Tuesday, 18th April 2017 - Food

Having been to the Greek islands quite a few times now, I can appreciate a great Gyros or two (I actually witnessed by brother in law eat 3 in a row in Rhodes last year), a yummy Greek salad and some Souvlaki with excess Tzatiki. As much as I have tried to recreate these personal favourites of mine at home, sadly it never quite tastes the same as the real deal. One time I even bought Souvlaki mix in Kos, bought it home and cooked it for everyone promising them it was going to be the best meal of their lives... pretty awkward when it wasn't. 

If you've not gathered by now (or by my other blog posts)... I eat out a lot so my quest to find great Greek food in London had begun a long time ago. Fortunately, I recently went to Suvlaki with the girls the other day on a recommendation by a friend and it did not disappoint. The staff are really friendly and can't do anymore for you. The price is really reasonably priced and you can't complain at the variety on the menu.

Granted it is not as good without the sun blaring down, a beach near by and a Mythos but it it's cheaper and doesn't require booking any time off work- that's the best compromise I could come up with, apologies.

It's quite small in there so book in advance! 



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