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Junkyard Golf

Written by Sophie Evans on Tuesday, 16th May 2017

I am the biggest sucker for seeing a sponsored ad on my Facebook page and either purchasing whatever it is (thanks Asos) or clicking through and booking tickets for it. Seriously - I can think of 5 things off the top of my head in the past few months where I have fallen into that trap. Those clever techy people who do that for a living must love me. Biggest sucker.

Anyway, recently I rounded up some friends and purchased tickets for Junkyard Golf Club. I don’t usually venture to that neck of the woods but it was actually pretty fun! It was very busy so I’d recommend booking in advance. Tickets are only £11.50 per person and you can get them here.

Also - it is one of the hardest crazy golf courses, I think I took 8 attempts to get the ball in the first hole… it just kept bouncing and rolling back to where I was standing. I’m basically Rory McIlroy so I’m not sure where I was going wrong. (Don't worry I wrote 3 on my scorecard- I'm not silly). 

There are four different courses all wedged in with a few bars scattered around the course for refreshments. When you're done there's a lot of bars in the surrounding areas to head to either to boast about your victory and superiority to your friends or simply lick your losing wounds.

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