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Grab your friends and go to Swingers

Written by Sophie Evans on Thursday, 15th June 2017 - Going Out

Recently I went to Swingers, (for those of you who looked as shocked as my Dad was when I said that) it’s a crazy golf venue right next to the Gherkin. I’d seen a video of it on youtube and thought it looked pretty cool and wanted to check it out. Having been to Putt in the Park for a social last year and also Junkyard Golf a few weeks ago I thought that surely by now I must be a putting pro. (Although my hand to eye co-ordination isn’t great but we will leave that for another day).

For only £13 per person, it’s definitely one to check out with a group of friends or on date night. I usually find that with those kinds of places they’re so busy and you end up queuing behind the slow people in front of each hole. We didn’t really find that problem - but the good news is that the staff come round the holes and take your drinks orders and then bring them to you on the course so if it is really busy it just means more drinks for you.

For all of you like me who need a good feed after a few drinks, there is plenty of choice in there. There are pop-ups of Patty and Bun, Pizza Pilgrims and Bubbledogs inside so you can grab some food either pre or post game.

You can either book in advance online here or buy tickets on the door.

Top tip: If you’re not very good, have a few drinks first and then you can blame it on that- easy.

If I haven’t done it any justice (which is likely) then check it out here:


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