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Grab your friends and head to Katzenjammers

Written by Sophie Evans on Wednesday, 16th August 2017 - Going Out

If you google Katzenjammer, at first you will see a definition that says "a hangover; a severe headache resulting from a hangover." Whilst this is actually rather fitting, just underneath you will see a link to the Katzenjammers. Branding itself as "London's Coolest Bierkeller" it had a lot to live up to. For those of you who love the Bavarian beer hall at Winter Wonderland, you'll love this place. You may even love it more, now that the beer hall at Winter Wonderland is small and they don't serve steins (who wants to take a photo with just a regular pint?)

Generally I'm not one who is big on beer, but it actually doesn't matter at all. They serve all the usual drinks you'd get in a bar but also have some surprisingly really nice flavoured beer. That being said... if you do go try out the strawberry beer as it was lush. Also - they have a food counter with an abundance Bratwursts and Sauerkraut amongst others. (The benefit being you don't have to traipse along to your local kebab shop when you have the post-night out munchies!

Grab a big group of your friends, book a table (downstairs is better) and head to Katzenjammers - be prepared for a Katzenjammer of your own the next morning!

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