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Magpie in Central London

Written by Holly Clemett on Monday, 18th September 2017

I’m trying to think back to all of my blogs and wonder whether or not I’ve ever written about something that isn’t food related… regardless, I’m here to write about another fantastic restaurant that you need to try when you’re looking for a fun, new place to go for dinner.

Magpie is situated just off Regents Street and is the perfect way to finish off any busy day in central London. I don’t often head into central because of the sheer mass of people, it’s all a bit too hustley and bustley for me - but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved being within the main buzz of the city; it wasn’t anywhere near as busy as I would have expected.

When you head into Magpie the first thing you’ll notice is the decor - it’s simple and pretty trendy. There’s lots of filament bulbs hanging from the ceilings over the rustic looking pine tables which are adorned with lots of really pretty patterned plates for your food! There’s a lot going on, but not too much (very instagram friendly!).

So, the set up in here is definitely not for everyone - the couple next to us actually left after their first few courses because they found it all a little bit weird. Magpie is definitely a place to go if you’re looking for something a little bit different, not just your average restaurant.

The staff bring to the table a little menu of all the food being cooked that evening; one by one, they bring each plate to your table at which point you simply take it, or leave it - weird, right? The staff explain the dishes thoroughly so that you know exactly what you’re getting - the plates are all pretty small but the flavours are so intense that you really don’t need more than what’s on offer. You can definitely run the risk of feeling obliged to order everything that is brought to your table but there is absolutely no pressure from the staff there so just sit back, relax and take whatever takes your fancy!

The food really is sublime so even if the setup isn’t for you - the food will not let you down.

We had about 6-8 plates between 2 of us and, of course, finished it off with a little dessert. Along with a couple of cocktails and some glasses of wine the bill came to just little over £100 - not a place to go a few days before payday but not somewhere that will totally break the bank!

I would recommend Magpie to any foodie who is looking to try something quirky and delicious in equal measures!

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