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Dominique Ansel

Written by Holly Clemett on Monday, 27th November 2017

It's a well known fact that in London you can find something weird and wonderful on almost every street corner. I'm a total sucker for a cafe/restaurant/pub or venue that offers great food and drink but is also going to look pretty cool on my Instagram feed (yes, I am one of those losers. No, I'm not even sorry!). Dominique Ansel is a bakery in Victoria that offers good coffee and food as well as incredible cakes and desserts - the kind that don't even look edible! They also serve "blossoming hot chocolates" which they bring to you and then place an enclosed flower shaped marshmallow in the hot chocolate which blossoms as it heats up - SO cool!

The outside of Dominique Ansel was adorned with flowers, leaves and pumpkins (I assume this changes seasonly) and is super pretty. You'll see a lot of people taking photo's underneath the flower archway which leads through to the front door of the bakery - a bit cringe but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to do the same...

I went here on my day off on a Tuesday so it was reasonably quiet which was great. I headed there for lunch and went for the Croque Monsieur (apparently chef Dominique's favourite so it was a no brainer): it. was. MASSIVE! Oh my gosh… I couldn't even believe the size of this deliciously creamy, cheesy sandwich/toasty stuffed with melt in the mouth ham. It was so delicious. I'm not one to not finish a meal all to myself (I love a challenge) but even I needed A LOT of help finishing this mammoth lunch. It's £10.50 which is a little steep for what you'd assume is just a sandwich but honestly, it is so worth it. 

Leaving this place without trying one of the spectacular cakes on offer or getting one to take away would truly be a crime, as well as just a huge mistake. The issue is that it's so hard to choose! I went for a little cake that's called "Marcel the Monkey" - he's filled with salted caramel and banana flavoured cream and he is shaped like a monkey (during a time when we are surrounded with high tech phones & laptops, drones and even watches that can monitor your heart beat - it is a monkey shaped profiterole that impresses me the most). 

The location is ideal as it's close to the busy Megabus station but it's a short walk away from Battersea Park which is the perfect place to burn off all the calories you consume (and trust me, you'll have a lot!). So next time you're looking for a chilled Sunday with a touch of impeccable food - you know where to go.

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