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ABQ London

Written by Sophie Evans on Tuesday, 20th March 2018

Breaking Bad fans - read on. The rest of you need to get your butts on to Netflix and have a binge watch so that you know what I am talking about.
Anybody with any knowledge at all of Breaking Bad will know that they "cook" a serious amount of crystal meth in a beige 1986 RV.

The RV is symbolic to the show and is where their new found venture into the criminal underworld takes place. Having watched the show twice, I booked tickets to go to ABQ London. ABQ is the world's first immersive molecular cocktail bar where you get to make and infuse your own drinks in an RV (If I was to compare the place to a cocktail bar it would be The Alchemist, but with a Breaking Bad twist).

A great part of the experience is that you get to dress up as Walt and Jesse in the yellow overalls and goggles (mad scientists). Infusing and cooking your own beverages is so much fun, and the cocktails all have a Breaking Bad related name such as "La Tortuga" or "Dry Walter".
Your booking entitles you to a welcome drink and two molecular cocktails. There are non-alcoholic options for anybody not drinking. The Wendy Martini is a good cocktail to make as a pair.
It is kind of off the beaten track, tucked away but if you know what you're looking for (a large RV with some tuuunnes) you'll spot it!
"Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!"
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