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Mare Street Market

Written by Holly Clemett on Tuesday, 17th April 2018

I love going somewhere that offers something for every one and every occasion - markets can often hit the nail on the head with a good food, drink and little shopping stalls with home wares/clothes.They are ideal meeting places which are perfect for a spot of brunch!

Mare Street market located in East London, is both an indoor and outdoor market, so you can visit come rain or shine. The building itself has a modern quirky "warehouse" feel, as it is big and spacious with an electric atmosphere. There is a large space in the middle of the market with several seating areas, a great space for socialising and hanging out with friends! 

One of my favourite stalls is Rebel Rebel. Directly on your left as you enter, this is a wonderful florist which has a "Pick n Mix" feel to it, essentially get to create your own bouquet and in my opinion who doesn't like to start off the day with a bunch of flowers, right?

Delving a little further into the market you will find a deli offering of locally sourced charcuteries and cheeses, yum! The market however is not jammed full of street food stalls. There is a bar serving food and delicious cocktails ,as well as wines, beers, coffees.

Next time you venture to East London for the weekend, make sure you try this place out! I definitely recommend it!
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