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Tonight Josephine

Written by Holly Clemett on Tuesday, 2nd October 2018

This cocktail bar is one for the girls! Adorned in pink decor and boasting a "girl power!" themed social media presence, Tonight Josephine is the perfect place for a girls night out with your best friends. The bar itself is fairly small and underground. It's located right outside Waterloo station so it's super easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in London. Named after Joséphine de Beauharnais (Empress of the French and first wife of Napoleon) who, according to the Tonight Josephine website, "made her own rules and didn’t give a damn what anyone thought" the bar seems to encourage a night out where you too can make your own rules and not give a damn what anyone thinks!

Upon entering Tonight Josephine down the pink stairs towards the bar you're met with a bright pink neon sign: "Well Behaved Women Don't Make History". This kind of sets the tone for the night; be like Josephine (also, you'll definitely want a picture in front of the sign once you're a few cocktails deep - it's a must)! Let your hair down and have a night filled with plenty of cocktails, dancing and ultimately heaps of fun. The rest of the decor in the bar is really cool, lots of pink with sparkly walls and a mirrored ceiling; if you head to the loos you'll see the official mug shots of Lindsey Lohan, Justin Beiber and Paris Hilton - what more could you want?

The cocktail menu is great. You've got all the classics (including my all time fave, the espresso martini) as well as cocktails that are a little different and super fun. You're guaranteed to have an amazing night out here!
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