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A city break in Stockholm

Written by Holly Clemett on Wednesday, 16th January 2019

In September this year I spent 4 days in Stockholm.
I'd wanted to visited for quite some time as I'm really interested in and drawn to Scandi design for homewares and fashion and just generally the Scandinavian lifestyle as a whole.
I stayed in the island of Söldermalm which was the perfect choice for me. Söldermalm is filled with brilliant fashion stores (my life savings now belong to Acne Studios), restaurants, cafés and bars. The island itself has a real trendy/young vibe and you get to enjoy the island feeling like a real local which is always exactly what I want during a city break - I avoid tourist traps like the plague.
Stockholm is made up of many islands and so if you want to travel from one part of Stockholm to the other you get to take the boat (a nice little novelty during a weekend away). I was told that I "needed" to visit The Vasa Museum - a maritime museum located on the island of Djurgården. So I took the boat from Söldermalm and headed over. This isn't usually my sort of thing (as I said, tourist traps are my worst nightmare and a maritime museum sounds to me like it's going to be filled with kids on school trips...), but I was incredibly surprised and amazed at how incredible the museum was. The Vasa is the only (almost) fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged and it's pretty amazing - I would highly recommend visiting.
"Folii" is a fanstastic wine bar on the island of Söldermalm - I went here during my stay for wine (of course) as well as bar snacks and eventually dinner. It's a small bar which has a pretty intimate atmosphere and the food and wine selection is incredible; this place is definitely worth a visit.
I would also recommend checking out "Meatballs For The People" - also on the island of Söldermalm. You can't go to Stockholm without having some incredible meatballs, right?
Other than eating, shopping and soaking up the culture, you can spend your weekend walking through the parks and the towns and admiring some of the beautiful buildings - the city is really lovely and very relaxed with incredibly friendly people.
I would recommend it to anyone!
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