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10 Work from Home Commandments

Written by Adam Goff on Thursday, 11th February 2021

1. Clean Your Workspace

This is one of the key attributes of successful remote working. Ensure that you periodically clean your office. Having a clean space will help clear any mental clutter. Additionally when video conferencing, it will be presentable and non-distracting.


2. Be Disciplined With Your Time

Plan your day at the start of every day. Being disciplined with your time helps to avoid the stress at the end of the day if you haven’t accomplished as much as you should have.


3. Communicate Your Presence (or Absence)

Be Communicating. This is a critical aspect of succeeding as a remote worker. The initiative to communicate is your responsibility, not your managers. It’s less troubling for your employer/manager when they know you ran to the gym for an hour as opposed to assuming you’re just not present. Intentionally communicate about when you’re working and when you’re not.


4. Have a Headset (and Use It)

Skype calls and conference calls are a big enough challenge. Completely avoid the challenges of not hearing what is said, and not being clearly heard. Purchase a quality headset for both your computer and your phone.


5. Have a Webcam (and Use It)

Video conferencing is awkward at first. Ok, it can always be awkward; but it is an important part of cultivating remote relationships. It greatly enhances the fidelity of an interaction, understanding tone, and finally giving more weight to you participation in a team.


6. Take a Shower And Get Dressed Daily

This is important to create a trigger to help you transition into work mode. It is also important for those who are around you (such as your family) to see that you are, in fact, engaging with work. Also it means you’re always ready for those important unexpected video calls.


7. Leave The House Each Day

. If you don’t have some variance within your day, days will blur into weeks and months. Avoid becoming a hermit! Even if it’s just starting off the first 15 minutes of your day with a walk around the block.


8. Set “Office Hours” For Yourself

Setting “office hours” is most helpful when you’re working a changing flexible schedule. It helps with settings expectations with your colleagues for when you’re present. Also, it makes it easier to respond when asked to help a friend/family member, “I’m scheduled to work during that time”.


9. Don't hog the communal space

In a house share we all need to be understanding so don't be that person that has the conference calls all day from the kitchen table when others need to use the space. Same goes for home gym equipment, please put it back in your room after use.


10. Remember to Decompress

Signify the end of each day with a routine to tell your subconscious I am done working now. It will allow you to switch off and get that much needed R&R

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