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member of the month

Here at Capital Living we want to get to know you. Ideally you'll meet a couple of the New Membership Team throughout the interview process, you'll meet your Member Services Executive at check in and then the Events Team at our socials. 

Every month we choose one member who we think has really stood out from the crowd for us may it be their contribution at the socials, something kind they've done for their housemates or just spreading the good word of Capital Living. 

The Member of the Month will get to choose from a list of prizes kindly donated from our partners. Check out our previous Members of the Month and if you want to nominate someone who has really made your day and you think deserves to be in with a chance of being Member of the Month let us know.  

Previous Member of the Month's
Year 2017, Matt
Matt was crowned Member of the Year Capital Living at the Christmas social in 2017. He has been with us for 3 terms and has attended all of our social events this year. " - What has been your favourite social? Definitely the Christmas social, particularly drinks in Tequila Mockingbird after the meal.  "
Taherul has been a member since March, he is a very sociable character within his house and can usually be found having a great time with us at the socials! " What has been your favourite social? Sugar Cane night out in Clapham Junction, tequila shots are hard to fail. "
Alex has been living in his CL house in Clapham for just shy of a year. He can be found at almost every social, mingling and making us all laugh! " What would your advice be to someone who is new to London? Be bold. Get out and meet people. Don't live to work - there's so many great moments passing you by otherwise. "
Gemma has been a CL member since July 2016. She is loved by all of her housemates and she is a key player in bringing her house out to the socials! " What do you love about London? There's always something new to do, see, eat or drink. "
Chelsea was coming to the CL socials with her friends long before she joined the community. Now firmly established in Clapham Chelsea is fantastic at mixing within the community. " What is you particularly like about Capital Living? My housemates. I have the best set of people to live with who are a lot of fun.  "
Harriet has been a CL member since summer 2016, she first came to a social before she had moved in with the aim of meeting new people and putting herself out there. Since then her house have become very close and we see them at nearly every social! " What would your advice be to someone who is new to London? Embrace it! Don't be afraid to put yourself out there to meet new people and try new things!  "
Chris has just moved into his second CL house, he was a key player in the Trinity Rocks rounders team at the summer social. Chris has been spreading the good word of Capital Living and making the most of his referral fees! " What do you want to see as a social in the future? A pub crawl could be fun and dangerous at the same time. "
Aoife's been a member for a couple of years now. Aoife is a friendly face at pretty much every social, really embracing the CL way of life. " What has been your favourite social? Bunga Bunga in Early Feb was a fabulous way to fall off the wagon post dry Jan!  "
Lucian was crowned King Capital Living at the Christmas social in 2016. The life and soul of every social and in his third Capital Living house, Lucian definitely deserves to be king! " What has been your favourite social? The Christmas ones for sure, they have always been the wildest. "
Mary-Anne is undoubtably our Queen Capital Living. Mary-Anne is a fantastic member of the community, she comes to every social, every house party and often organises parties at her house. " What do you love about London? It's literally an adventure playground... always something going on! "
Matt is in his second Capital Living house and is nearly always the last one standing at every social! A super friendly guy Matt is always adding to the community. " What is it you particularly like about Capital Living? The assurance that you'll be sharing with like-minded professionals at similar stages of their careers. "